For ICF Construction

The Perfect Solution

For Waterproofing

The ICF building age is here and you need to protect your work from water and chemical intrusion.  That’s why fast drying, cost-effective and super-strong Basecrete is the answer you are looking for. 

No messy applications, easy to mix and apply, Basecrete strengthens the overall structure.  Plus, with our 10 year waterproof guarantee, NOTHING BEATS  Basecrete.

The Basecrete Advantage

  • Simple Application With A Roller, Trowel, Sprayer or Squeegee
  • Incomparable Flexibility and Strength For Pool Construction
  • Completely Resistant To Pool Chemicals & Corrosive Agents
  • Perfect For New Builds OR Existing Repairs

Used By Engineers On HUGE Projects

From the Mote Aquarium, to Hard Rock Cafe, To the Woolworth Building, Concrete Pros Trust Basecrete.

What You Need To Know

Concrete Waterproofing

With the fastest application and cure times in the concrete industry, Basecrete is the ultimate waterproofing solution for any concrete surface.  Not only does our product peforms better under all testing conditions, but is eco-friendly, provides an unparralleled 10 year warranty and can be customized in many colors for large scale architectural projects.

Literally, nothing compares to the capabilites, simplicity and durability of our amazing polymer concrete finishing product.

Concrete Repairs

When concrete is freshly poured, the water in the concrete mixture evaporates as it dries, causing cracks known as plastic shrinking. Basecrete is an excellent material for repairing cracks in these types of concrete structures. It does not shrink upon curing, so a crack that has been filled with Basecrete will stay tight. We also protect against exposer to extreme heat or freezing temperatures. The superior adhesion of Basecrete ensures the new patch will stay put in the crack even under the most extreme weather and movement.

Basecrete Application

Basecrete is extremely versatile and can be applied by trowel, Roller (3/4” nap), Brush, Squeegee or Spray


Apply Basecrete in 2 layers, one vertical and one horizontal. Each layer should be 1/16” for a total of 1/8” thickness to achieve waterproof bondcoat. Second layer can be applied as soon as first layer passes thumbnail test.


Basecrete can be built up in 2” increments and feathered edge

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