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Performance Data

Whether you are an engineer that needs detailed performance and testing data, or a pool builder looking for information on Basecrete application, our information center has every piece of data you need to place your trust in our products.  Scroll down to find independent and certified testing results that truly illustrate the strength and waterproofing capabilities of Basecrete.

  • 9Waterproofing Testing Report
  • 9ANSI Testing With Graphs
  • 9Load Bearing Test Report
  • 9Adhesion Testing Report
  • 9Chemical Resistance Report
  • 9SCG-IPS Testing Report
  • 9Pull Testing
  • 9Certificate Of Listing
  • 9Intercept Densifier Info

Concrete Protection Backed By Scientific Statistics

Independent Testing Illustrates The Basecrete Advantage.

When your concrete, pool or ICF project needs guaranteed waterproofing protection and superior stregth, NOTHING BEATS BASECRETE.

We have poured decades of research and development into creating the world’s best waterpoofing application and we can PROVE OUR UNPARRALLELED PERFORMANCE with certified, third party testing. 

So, whether you are and architect, engineer or concrete professional, we invite you review our data sheets and testing to draw your own conclusions. 

At Basecrete, we have made it easy to get application instruction, expert tips and full details via our video series.  

Click the link here and we’ll give you access to our full catalog of BASECRETE UNIVERSITY VIDEOS.  Make sure you click the “subscribe” button while you’re there and never miss a new video or expert tips.

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